Ways to Make the Holidays More Than “Over The River and Through the Woods…”

BY Marcy Leiman
December 23, 2019
Today, going to grandma’s house for the holidays can be even more challenging as more and more people are living apart from their family members. While making memories at holiday time remains a top priority for most multigenerational families, it has become more of a challenge in recent years.

Instead, today’s families are increasingly opting  to vacation together at holiday time. Groups may extend beyond parents, kids and grandparents and may include cousins and other relatives. Vacation planners can help make memories come alive with vacations that lend themselves into mini reunions. Dan Austin, founder and president of Austin Adventures, has seen a significant increase in holiday multigenerational family group bookings. “Booking a multigenerational family trip can take all the stress out of the holidays and allow family members to focus on enjoying great experiences and spending time together,” says Austin. One of the keys to a successful multigenerational vacation, according to Austin, is “having something for everyone – from 8 to 80.” 

Cruising Through the Holidays

Cruise ships provide activities and amenities for all interests and age groups, making them an excellent choice for multigenerational holiday vacations. “The December holidays are one of the most popular seasons of the year to cruise, providing families an opportunity to reconnect and make a lifetime of wonderful memories,” says Vance Gulliksen of Carnival Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line caters to multigenerational families with Disney’s mix of family-friendly entertainment and programs for all ages. “Disney Cruise Line has a strong draw for multigenerational travel with more than one-third of all parties sailing as part of a multigenerational group,” says Jennifer Haile Tinn of Disney Cruise Line.

Making Memories at Resorts

Amenity-filled resorts cater to multigenerational families with an extensive variety of holiday programs for every age group. This allows all family members to have fun, both together and apart. Resorts at theme parks like Walt Disney World are a popular choice for December family mini-reunions, allowing grandparents to make holiday wishes come true and share something they love with their children and grandchildren. Walt Disney World’s resorts are festively decorated for the holidays and the parks feature special activities such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcot’s Candelight Processional and spectacular fireworks shows. In addition, personalized packages can be arranged including special holiday in-room celebrations and private holiday dessert parties.

Clearly, the holidays can be spent in a number of ways. But, when families are spread apart, having a central location where everyone can come together and make memories together are key. The key when deciding on a destination for holiday time is to make sure that there is something for everyone. Often times, it doesn’t matter as much on the location, but rather having everyone together to create lasting memories is the most important goal. Multigenerational families may find that vacation memories can be the best gift of all at the holidays. 

Here’s hoping that everyone enjoys the holidays with their loved ones this season. 
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Ways to Make the Holidays More Than “Over The River and Through the Woods…”BY Marcy Leiman
December 23, 2019

Today, going to grandma's house for the holidays can be even more challenging as more and more people are living apart from th...

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