Needham Senior Center Event

BY newoutlookhomecare
October 5, 2011
Old Kids on the Block

It was a warm and sunny September day on the lawns of the Needham Senior Center (also known as the Stephen Palmer Center) and there was a flurry of activity. As the tent went up, the chairs and tables were put into place and the staff put their hands and hearts together to organize the day’s event. A day to meet the backbones of our society and to see them smile was a day I wasn’t going to miss.

As seniors from all around gathered on the lawn of the Needham Senior Center, you could tell they were pleased. You could hear the laughter and see the warm smiles on their faces; it was priceless. Passersby stopped to inquire about the day’s events. New Outlook Homecare and Emeritus Senior Living came together with the Needham Senior Center to provide a day for the seniors. All eyes watched as the musical group Old Kids on the Block prepared to play and in no time they were ready.

As the saying goes; never judge a book by its cover. The band began and I stood in awe as the air was filled with electrified music. The drummer was playing like there was no tomorrow. The vocalist, Chery, had a voice as clear and pristine as the wind on a quiet night. I had nothing on her. She sang the throw-backs, the old hits, and I was loving every moment of it. Seniors danced and sang all the way through, and you could see how happy they were.

Afterwards, the guest speakers also did their part and everyone listened attentively. Mr Emmett Schmarsow (EHS), the supervisor of all the senior centers in Western Massachusetts, did his part in fine style. Much of what he said stands out in my mind, but one quote is burned into my memory:

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, youve obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.”

-Michelle Walker

Everyone laughed and the quote was stuck in everyone’s mind for the rest of the day. I took it home with me. No, not the mosquito.

Soon, there was a break for lunch and while the attendees sat and waited to be served, everyone got acquainted. The lunch presentation was quite a sight as all the staff members from the senior homes and center suddenly appeared and placed lunch on the tables.
There were more than one hundred seniors present and they certainly had a great time. The two seniors in the photo to the right were the comedians of the day with more jokes up their sleeves than an entire comedy club!
It was truly our pleasure to be able to bring a day of fun, music and food to the seniors at the Needham Senior Center!
Have you ever considered visiting a senior center or a hospice?  There is likely one in your neighborhood or in the next town over. Seniors are warm, friendly, loving and fun to hang out with. And the stories they remember from their youth are captivating! I always enjoy listening to their stories.
Pearly Evans, President of New Outlook Homecare

Pictured here is Ms. Pearly Evans: President of New Outlook Homecare. The smile she wears speaks of the dedication and love she has for  seniors. She displays such grace and care towards everyone she comes in contact with. Her love for seniors began when she was 12 and from there it has only grown. When the seniors speak of New Outlook Homecare caregivers, they are known as the “Pearly’s Girls“. A cut above the rest, committed and caring are some of the terms that are used to describe New Outlook’s caregivers. The company’s slogan speaks for itself: “You need care, we’ll be there“.

You could not ask for more when entrusting your loved ones to the care of Pearly’s Girls. Ms. Evans is always looking for new ways to keep our seniors happy and healthy. She has given them hope in today’s society, by showing them that there are dedicated people who will go above and beyond with the level of care and thoughtfulness to keep them smiling. Ms. Evans creates a family atmosphere with all of her clients and family where they can always have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.
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