The Gift of Time

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December 20, 2011
Gift of time imageIs spending time with your elderly family member or friend part of your plans for the holidays? While we all have busy lives, time spent together is often worth more than a gift you picked up at a store and can become a meaningful holiday tradition.
If you’re looking for ideas of activities that would be appreciated, we’ve compiled a list for you. Feel free to come up with other ideas based on what is locally available to you.
Ideas for giving the gift of time:
  • Explore online together at an Internet Café or using a library’s computers
  • Go out for coffee
  • Help to finish a special project like cleaning out the attic or rearranging a closet
  • Work together on organizing a photo album
  • Prep a healthy meal together
  • Visit somewhere special to them
  • Bring a board game such as Boggle, Checkers, Chess, Backgammon or Sorry
  • If they have a special interest, this is the perfect time to learn about it
The more physically active elder might enjoy:
  • A Tai-Chi class
  • Nature walks
  • A walk around a mall (for when it’s too cold to be outside)
  • A visit to a bookstore

It is well documented that seniors who are mentally engaged stay healthy and strong for longer than seniors who are less active. Lets keep them active for as long as we can.

There are so many more ways you can gift your time! What will you do?
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